How Writers Slow Down Time

Certain moments in our lives seem to last forever. Whether it is a first kiss or a car crash, time can seem to stretch…or even stop.

Aaron Sitze explains how this sensation is conveyed in cinema and how the same conventions can be used to slow down time in your writing.

Lesson by Aaron Sitze, animation by TED-Ed.

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Plotting vs. Pantsing

If I had a plot that was all set in advance, why would I want go through the agony of writing the novel? A novel is a kind of exploration and discovery, for me at any rate.

— Chaim Potok

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Top 10 Best Dystopian Novels

With Christmas just around the corner, I have been YouTubing lists of dystopian reads to keep me busy over the upcoming holiday period and welcome break from my day job – aside from writing of course.

Getting slowly into the Christmas spirit, I am sharing this comprehensive list of the 10 best dystopian novels.

What I like best about this list is that – unlike others – it doesn’t solely zoom in on dystopian science fiction and recent YA hits but includes a range of dystopian novels that are also considered classic literature and thrillers. Read More

On Writing: Roman Payne

Just as a painter paints,
and a ponderer ponders,
a writer writes,
and a wanderer wanders

Roman Payne

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