Top 10 Iconic Writers in SciFi Literature

As I am spending more and more time writing on my cyberpunk romance project ‘Mind Wars’ (I am up to 15,000 words on my first draft manuscript), I have also been spending more and more of my limited downtime investigating the legacy of science fiction.

It’s quite shocking how much of the really iconic literature in the SciFi genre I have yet to read, although I consider myself generally well-read with George Orwell, Jules Verne, Neal Asher, Hugh Howey and Michael Crichton (amongst others) all represented on my real and virtual bookshelves.

This week’s post is a homage to the great writers of Science Fiction who have crafted one of the genres in which I write and read with the greatest admiration for those who came before me.

Of course, this is only a limited selection and if you know of any other great SciFi authors who should have been featured in this selection, please feel free to post their name or a link to their work in the comments below.

I will make sure to check them out.


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