How to Cure Writer’s Block with Twitter

Writer’s block affects us all from time to time. There are already multiple strategies out there that can help any writer overcome the dreaded disease.

Not only is Twitter still by far my favourite social media platform on the web today, it also helped me get through a serious bout of writer’s block last year when life got pretty difficult and my creative well was threatening to dry up for good!

I wish I was able to boast a ‘secret strategy’ or a particular clever ‘hack’ at this point. And you can decide whether what I am about to share qualifies for that.

But in my opinion, it was just a happy accident, through which I came to see how easy it could be to use Twitter as a cure for writer’s block.

So, I was pretty down and wasting time on Twitter, when I noticed a tweet that invited people to tweet the opening line of a story.

Since I had nothing better to do (I wasn’t going to write anyway), I decided to play and tweeted:

“A sliver of silvery moonlight fell through the attic window.”

Soon other users picked up my line and started tweeting their lines back at me.  I followed on with:

“Following the sudden, weak smell of peppermint, a small but significant grouping of yellow eyes emerged from the dusty darkness.”

When somebody tweeted a line about a wolverine and a boy stuck in the attic, something clicked and I just had to sit down and write. WRITE!

I wrote a rough story (or you may argue that it’s more of a story component, really) and shared it with my twitter collaborators who told me to stop working for ‘the man’ immediately. LOL!

Whilst this is not the kind of thing I usually write, I felt pretty good about churning this out in the middle of serious writer’s block. And of course, I gave my collaborators credit for their generous input. 

You can read the end result here!

If you have tried something similar for yourself, let me know how it went or share your own strategies for curing (or at least temporarily overcoming) writer’s block in the comments below. 

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