4 Clues Why Writing on a Bank Holiday Might Be a Bad Idea

It’s Easter Sunday. The sun’s out. Easter Eggs are seductively beckoning from a little nest on the breakfast table and all I can think is: what am I going to post about today?

Sunday is blogging day. That’s what I promised myself when I came back from the dead after a 16 month writing break. True enough. But do those rules apply on Easter Sunday?

The greats write every day my brain unhelpfully chirps. Yes, I know, I know…

So, there I sit at breakfast, stressing about content. I nearly have all day left to come up with something but, no, my brain must know NOW.

After breakfast, I take some painkillers to fight off the period pain because, just like any dedicated writer, nature also doesn’t take a day off on Easter Sunday. And I am not a frickin’ step closer to coming up with a witty subject for my post.

I decide there and then that trying to write fiction today is out of the question to help take the pressure off. Nope – didn’t help at all, there are still no clever ideas on the horizon.

And now that the ordeal that was Easter Sunday 2019 is nearly over, I have at least 4 pretty good clues on why writing every day (incl. Bank Holidays) is most likely a terrible idea:

1. It’s time to take a break. That’s what bank Holidays are for. Enjoy the company of the people you love, watch some TV, go for a walk, eat some Easter Eggs and chill the HELL out. Works wonders from time to time.

2. If you’re a blogger, you can prepare your post in advance and time it. Yeah, hindsight is a rich thing. I should have thought of that yesterday! For fiction writers: you could try and up your word count on another day. Easier said than done, but not entirely impossible.

3. You’ll likely be eating more rich food than your body is used to and trying to write with a full belly is not exactly the most comfortable choice. This piece of advice comes from experience. Hmpf…

4. Distractions galore. On Bank Holidays your house might be busier than you are used to (or you might be going to see someone else?). Whatever is going on it will most likely disrupt your normal routine, opening the floodgate for the resistance to sneak in.


Are you reading this today or do you have better things to do (if so, good for you)? Have you written on Easter Sunday (or any other Bank Holiday) or do you always fall into the trap of thinking that you will write and then end up disappointed when you don’t? Let me know in the comments (if you are there) and have an exceptional easter Sunday everybody!


2 thoughts on “4 Clues Why Writing on a Bank Holiday Might Be a Bad Idea

  1. I firmly believe break days lead to better less forced writing in the long run. Even though we don’t celebrate Easter we took advantage of the empty schedules today. We actually pulled all three kids off their phones and took them outside in the sunshine. Writing this afternoon and evening 🙂

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