The Nightmare Club…

A rat came up my toilet and wreaked havoc in my kitchen! How did this happen you ask? Believe it or not but in Cardiff, many houses (including mine) have a bathroom bordering on the kitchen.

Yeah gross…but OMG I had no idea just how bad things can get. I am told that this is quite normal given the high rainfall recently…with sewers getting flooded apparently rats trying to escape them is to be expected…


Am I the only one who thinks that’s total BS and that nobody should expect anything like this as a matter of course?!


So, I hope you can forgive me for ranting about this. Back to my normal posts on Sunday.

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How To Write ‘Infected Books’ With David Moody

So, the Horror Writers Podcast had indie horror writer David Moody over for a casual chat in episode #18. Whilst I don’t agree with Moody when he says that the zombie genre is past it’s best (I am paraphrasing), I do think that the man has an interesting story to share with aspiring writers…

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New Cover – Short Story ‘The Run’

This is the new cover for a short story I am currently writing. The cover is licensed via CC-BY-SA2.0 © C.S. Knight

Stock image source: Wikimedia Commons © Greyloch


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