The Dream Parade (Part One) – Cover Reveal

It’s a hot and sticky Sunday (especially sticky) and thoughts, along with words, are just sticking between my fingers and don’t want to come out. So stuff editing! It’s an unproductive mess of an afternoon. But since I have now completed the second draft of my current dystopian YA project The Dream Parade (Part One) (yay!) I thought it’s maybe time for the cover reveal, which … Continue reading The Dream Parade (Part One) – Cover Reveal

How to Produce Work That Lives Up to Your Ambitions

So, after crapping all over writing prompts on Sunday, karma has sent me the self-doubts. Of course. How could it be otherwise? At least I can trust that Ira Glass is…was…is (?) a man who can understand what this feels like. My boss is sending me to a leadership lifestyle course for the day and I thought some cheery words about storytelling and the 1 simple … Continue reading How to Produce Work That Lives Up to Your Ambitions

The Nightmare Club…

A rat came up my toilet and wreaked havoc in my kitchen! How did this happen you ask? Believe it or not but in Cardiff, many houses (including mine) have a bathroom bordering on the kitchen. Yeah gross…but OMG I had no idea just how bad things can get. I am told that this is quite normal given the high rainfall recently…with sewers getting flooded … Continue reading The Nightmare Club…

RoadKill – A Short Story

As previously announced, my new zombie short story ‘RoadKill’ is now ready for reading on Wattpad. This one is a little bit different from my zombie short fiction debut ‘The Run’ as it is more concerned with creating a voice and tackling a very personal and emotional perspective of the zombie apocalypse. Anyway, let me know what you think (either on Wattpad or in the … Continue reading RoadKill – A Short Story

Here’s What It Takes to Be a Great Writer!

This cheered me up and I thought you might like to see it, too. I made this my screensaver and when I feel down it makes me feel better. Keep battering your keyboards – no excuses!!! …OK the occasional good cry is allowed. 🙂 Continue reading Here’s What It Takes to Be a Great Writer!

RoadKiLL – Cover Reveal

So, this has been a productive week and since it is Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK, I thought I’d take the chance to complete another zombie short story that I have been planning for a while. Of course, there is still some editing to do but you can enjoy the cover reveal whilst I take care of that. If you have just gotten a … Continue reading RoadKiLL – Cover Reveal

3 Pulp Fiction Quotes That Have Made Me A Better Writer

If you’ve read my fiction samples, you’ll know that what I write is about as far away from pulp fiction as London from Auckland (at least 11,389 miles). Nonetheless, many of my more eccentric ideas have been inspired by the quotes of great pulp fiction movies…mainly quotes from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction to be exact. The wisdom that can be distilled from the dialogue of this … Continue reading 3 Pulp Fiction Quotes That Have Made Me A Better Writer