3 Ways to Avoid Being Driven Mad by Your Characters

You know you’re a writer when…a number of fictional characters (who may or may not have names) start having a conversation in your head that you are only invited to observe. Continue reading “3 Ways to Avoid Being Driven Mad by Your Characters”

Making the Case for Young Adult Fiction

Many readers and authors are in two minds over developments in the Young Adult (YA) fiction genre. Past debates have claimed that the YA market is becoming repetitive.

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Teaching an Old Zombie New Tricks

So, I finished my zombie short story ‘The Run’. I was sooooo proud of myself.

The following day I sat down to edit. I spent the better part of a week going through it.

Then I locked it away for a couple of days. Continue reading “Teaching an Old Zombie New Tricks”

3 Advantages of Writing Cross-Genre Fiction

Most writers seem to be under the impression that they have to choose. Crucially, it is often thought that only those who find the right genre and stick to it can succeed.

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Launching the New World Project

I first began to imagine the New World Project whilst in conversation with a real-life quantum physicist.

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