When To Turn The Monsters Loose According to Stephen King

I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose.

The best writers keep their heroes (or heroines) in peril throughout their story. Seems like a good recipe to for success. Nobody wants to read about happy and safe characters…especially not in the darker fiction genres. But creating pitfall after pitfall can be exhausting and I’m never quite sure if I am overdoing it. If this is a problem you have come across, this quote from Stephen King might be helpful to you, too.

What aspect of writing are you struggling with today? Let me know in the comments below and have fun turning the monsters loose on your characters. 

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Ray Bradbury’s #1 Top Tip for A Killer Storyline

Thank you for always supporting our troops.

This week, the endless wisdom of Ray Bradbury and his essays on writing have truly been giving me strength and the ability to carry on with my writing. I am immensely proud to say that I am only about 16,000 words away from completing my second draft of The Dream Parade {Part One} sporting a seriously improved storyline. Finally, I am fully unstuck and ready to cross the finish line on my project. And all just because I decided to follow this beautiful piece of advice and decided to follow my heroine and her innermost desire! Have a beautiful Sunday all! And good luck with getting unstuck on your own writing projects.

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Find the Most Authentic Ending for Your Story – Sam Shepard

Copy of The most authentic endings are the ones which are already revolving towards another beginning.

Finding the best possible ending for a story is a challenge for every writer – particularly me. With a wild imagination and sometimes even wilder characters, writing an ending that doesn’t disappoint is really hard. So, this weekend I decided to borrow some advice from Sam Shepard who knows a thing or two about writing authentic endings.

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Plotting vs. Pantsing

If I had a plot that was all set in advance, why would I want go through the agony of writing the novel? A novel is a kind of exploration and discovery, for me at any rate.

— Chaim Potok

Who is Chaim Potok? – LEARN MORE

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On Writing: Roman Payne

Just as a painter paints,
and a ponderer ponders,
a writer writes,
and a wanderer wanders

Roman Payne

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Writing About Elves: Terry Brooks On Putting Weight Behind Your Fantasy

I am currently a tiny bit obsessed with the Shannara Chronicles  and found this entertaining and insightful TEDx Talk by Terry Brooks about how to write plausible fantasy that doesn’t shy away from discussing weighty issues.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments below. 

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