What Will Humanity Look Like in 1000 Years?

If you are are a SciFi nut like me, (or simply an interested reader/writer), you may be wondering what humans will look like in the future. This video, by AsapSCIENCE (sponsored by National Geographic) sheds some light on this question in less than 5 minutes. I hope you find this helpful. Pssst, writers! There may be some #writingprompts in there!! Continue reading What Will Humanity Look Like in 1000 Years?

New World Short Story: Carousel

Is the past worth dying for?

Ember Harris lives in a world ruled by science in which humanity has lost touch with the ideals of the world we know. Continue reading “New World Short Story: Carousel”

Top 10 Iconic Writers in SciFi Literature

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Writing Challenge Accepted: The 24-Hour Novella

It is with great excitement (and some butterflies in my belly) that I announce the ultimate writing challenge, which I am determined to take on over this coming weekend.

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7 Things Any Writer Should Know about World Building

As the dust begins to settle on the recent Brexit vote, I am writing from in between a rock and a hard place.

After all, I am in the business of imagining the kind of big, world-changing developments that make up alternative histories. Just never thought I’d live to see one.

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Making the Case for Young Adult Fiction

Many readers and authors are in two minds over developments in the Young Adult (YA) fiction genre. Past debates have claimed that the YA market is becoming repetitive.

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Launching the New World Project

I first began to imagine the New World Project whilst in conversation with a real-life quantum physicist.

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