How to Create Buzz for Your Book?

It’s official! My book is coming to the Amazon Kindle Store in November 2017 and whilst this is pretty exciting (and scary at the same time) I am consumed with trying to think of some way to create a bit of buzz around the publication – since there won’t be a physical book launch party in the same way you would have one for a traditionally published book. So, I tried my hand at making a book trailer using public domain images and Creative Commons CC0 licensed videos (which can be used for commercial purposes and don’t require attribution). The soundtrack comes from Youtube’s creator studio and is one of the tracks that are attribution free. I know that it’s not the most professional-looking trailer the world has ever seen but, for a limited budget production, I would say that it does the job. Thoughts?

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4 Things Not to Miss When Editing Fiction

If you are about to start editing your manuscript and have absolutely, no idea where to start, look no further! Polly Courtney‘s video will give you an idea of what editing stages you should consider going through. I have been watching her videos for a while now and always find helpful tips and suggestions as I go on editing my work.


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RoadKiLL – Cover Reveal

(c) C. S. Knight 2017 all rights reserved. This cover was created with a public domain stock image from

So, this has been a productive week and since it is Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK, I thought I’d take the chance to complete another zombie short story that I have been planning for a while. Of course, there is still some editing to do but you can enjoy the cover reveal whilst I take care of that.

If you have just gotten a new cover too, or if you have been lucky enough to finish a piece of work recently don’t forget to share this in the comments below. Comments and thoughts about the cover are also welcome. 

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5 Encouraging Pieces of Advice from Amazon Indie Authors

I am having a pretty tough week writing. I hate to admit it but the writing exercises I am doing as part of the writing course I am taking are interfering with my indie novel writing. With only just under 2000 words written this week, I needed some encouragement from people who are where I want to go. Since sharing is caring, I am paying it forward by posting the video. Hope these messages from Amazon KDP bring you some encouragement, too. The struggle is real! Let’s hang in there.

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Top 6 Mistakes People Make Self Publishing a Book!

The six most common mistakes people make when self-publishing a book; usefully summarised. A great reminder from my favourite Texan in Tokyo. Make sure to avoid these!

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