The Sweet Taste of Failure: 24 Hours and No Novella

And so the experiment concludes. Having written 20357 words in 24 hours, I can’t say that I am exactly sorry to find that I don’t have a novella but a robust, detailed outline for a novel on my hands.

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Writing Challenge Accepted: The 24-Hour Novella

It is with great excitement (and some butterflies in my belly) that I announce the ultimate writing challenge, which I am determined to take on over this coming weekend.

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7 Things Any Writer Should Know about World Building

As the dust begins to settle on the recent Brexit vote, I am writing from in between a rock and a hard place.

After all, I am in the business of imagining the kind of big, world-changing developments that make up alternative histories. Just never thought I’d live to see one.

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Creature Feature: Zombie-Rachel

Meet Rachel, a new-born zombie  ready to devour the first-best unfortunate human she can get hold of. One of the leading ladies in the gripping short story ‘The Run’, I proudly present an excerpt for your reading pleasure:

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Making the Case for Young Adult Fiction

Many readers and authors are in two minds over developments in the Young Adult (YA) fiction genre. Past debates have claimed that the YA market is becoming repetitive.

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3 Advantages of Writing Cross-Genre Fiction

Most writers seem to be under the impression that they have to choose. Crucially, it is often thought that only those who find the right genre and stick to it can succeed.

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Launching the New World Project

I first began to imagine the New World Project whilst in conversation with a real-life quantum physicist.

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