The Nightmare Club…

A rat came up my toilet and wreaked havoc in my kitchen! How did this happen you ask? Believe it or not but in Cardiff, many houses (including mine) have a bathroom bordering on the kitchen. Yeah gross…but OMG I had no idea just how bad things can get. I am told that this is quite normal given the high rainfall recently…with sewers getting flooded … Continue reading The Nightmare Club…

RoadKill – A Short Story

As previously announced, my new zombie short story ‘RoadKill’ is now ready for reading on Wattpad. This one is a little bit different from my zombie short fiction debut ‘The Run’ as it is more concerned with creating a voice and tackling a very personal and emotional perspective of the zombie apocalypse. Anyway, let me know what you think (either on Wattpad or in the … Continue reading RoadKill – A Short Story

Here’s What It Takes to Be a Great Writer!

This cheered me up and I thought you might like to see it, too. I made this my screensaver and when I feel down it makes me feel better. Keep battering your keyboards – no excuses!!! …OK the occasional good cry is allowed. 🙂 Continue reading Here’s What It Takes to Be a Great Writer!

Why You Will NEVER Write a Book

Yesterday was the last day of a thing we rarely see in the UK: a Bank Holiday Weekend. We generally get two in May and one in August. That’s it!   I bet any of you who slave away at a job and have to fit their writing into the edges of the day can appreciate the gravitas of this information. Three guaranteed long weekends … Continue reading Why You Will NEVER Write a Book

RoadKiLL – Cover Reveal

So, this has been a productive week and since it is Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK, I thought I’d take the chance to complete another zombie short story that I have been planning for a while. Of course, there is still some editing to do but you can enjoy the cover reveal whilst I take care of that. If you have just gotten a … Continue reading RoadKiLL – Cover Reveal

3 Good Reasons To Define Your Writing Goals TODAY!

How many writers do you know? If you’re anything like me, probably a few. But how many writers do you know who are also professional about their writing and actually do the work? How many writer do you know who get up earlier (or sleep later) to write to a schedule that ensures they finish their work on time and achieve their goals? How many … Continue reading 3 Good Reasons To Define Your Writing Goals TODAY!

Quadruple Your Wordcount in 4 Simple Steps

Writing faster has been a major concern for me this weekend. I often feel frustrated at limitations placed on my fiction writing (mainly time, typing speed, and focus). So, this weekend, I have enlisted the help of Cady Vance‘s video taking us through 4 simple steps that can help you write faster today. I managed to quadruple my wordcount for today by focusing on improving … Continue reading Quadruple Your Wordcount in 4 Simple Steps