New World Short Story: Carousel

Is the past worth dying for?

Ember Harris lives in a world ruled by science in which humanity has lost touch with the ideals of the world we know. Continue reading “New World Short Story: Carousel”

Top 10 Iconic Writers in SciFi Literature

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3 Ways to Avoid Being Driven Mad by Your Characters

You know you’re a writer when…a number of fictional characters (who may or may not have names) start having a conversation in your head that you are only invited to observe. Continue reading “3 Ways to Avoid Being Driven Mad by Your Characters”

Creature Feature: Zombie-Rachel

Meet Rachel, a new-born zombie  ready to devour the first-best unfortunate human she can get hold of. One of the leading ladies in the gripping short story ‘The Run’, I proudly present an excerpt for your reading pleasure:

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