3 Top Tips on Managing Self-Doubt as a Writer

I often read blog posts that deal with writers’ self-doubt and are titled something like ‘how to defeat self-doubt’ or ‘overcome self-doubt and kick-start your writing career’…pretty click-baitey but then they do get me to click through every time… However, when it comes to experiencing self-doubt as a writer, I am starting to get the feeling that self-doubt is part of the journey and needs … Continue reading 3 Top Tips on Managing Self-Doubt as a Writer

How to Plug Plot Holes

So, you’ve had your killer idea and are in the throws of writing your novel. The first few chapters are written and you are feeling pretty chuffed about your first draft going so well. Then it happens! Unexpectedly, your writing comes to a halt. Your character is in a (sticky) situation and you have absolutely no idea how to get them out of it. The … Continue reading How to Plug Plot Holes

Writing Challenge Accepted: The 24-Hour Novella

It is with great excitement (and some butterflies in my belly) that I announce the ultimate writing challenge, which I am determined to take on over this coming weekend.

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